The Jaivic Capacitor Elements are manufactured using Metalized Polypropylene Film with Heavy / Reinforced Edge to provide excellent bonding between the electrode and end spray. The M.P.P. Capacitor Elements consist of a low dielectric, formed by pure polypropylene film. A thin Self-healing mixture of zinc and aluminum is metalized directly on P.P. under vacuum. This Technology ensures long operating life of the Capacitor Element. The Capacitor Elements are wounded in Air Conditioned, dust-free and humidity controlled Winding Room on totally automatic winding machines. Ultra modern pneumatic control on winding machine delivers best possible winding M.P.P.

The end Capacitor windings are contacted by spraying with Zinc Spray layer facilitating a high Current load and ensuring low inductance between the Terminals and Windings. The spraying on Capacitor winding is done on fully automatic X-Y manipulator and advanced high Velocity Arc Spraying System for coating of Zinc, which ensures uniform and fine coating.


Capacitor elements are thermally treated in an oven at 85 degree Celsius. Further these Elements are given A.C. and D.C. Voltages for Short Clearing and are tested for Capacitance Value and Dissipation Factor at 1 Khz. Elements are vacuum packed in laminated Aluminium Foil Bags.

The Capacitor Elements are available in 5,6,7,8 and 10 Micron M.P.P. Film.

Jaivic Capacitor Elements have high specific capacitance and high A.C. Voltage Withstand ability.

Self Healing Capability: Elements have excellent self healing capability whereby any electrical short circuit inside the element is cleared in milliseconds without affecting any change in capacitance or in other electrical parameters.

Low Loss Dissipation : The low loss dissipation factor associated with the heavy Edge M.P.P. Film keeps the losses low and extends the useful life of the Capacitor Element.