Automatic Power Factor Correction System (APFC Panel)


Power (KVA) Supplied by Electricity Boards consist of Real Power (KW), which Produce energy & reactive power (KVAR) generated by Inductive Loads, which decreases the loading capacity & the efficiency of the Supply System. The Power Factor (PF) is defined as a ratio between the Real Power & the Total Power.

Electricity Boards charge heavy Penalty to H.T. Consumer, if the Power Factor of the system is below a required minimum average value. Power Factor of the System can be improved by switching Capacitors as per KVA demand with the help of Automatic Power Factor Controllers.


Modern Industries use Large Nos. of AC Motors, DC Drives, Rectifiers, Invertors, Compressors, Inductive Furnaces and Welding Machines, causing poor Power Factor of the System. The Reactive Power requirement in such Industries varies rapidly within every few cycles. The response speed of the conventional Power Factor Controller is not suitable to take care of rapid switching cycle. The Conventional Power Factor Control System incorporates Electromechanical Switches to Switch Capacitors and or not suitable for Fast switching where the load is rapidly changing.

Also fast switching of Capacitors and Contractors results in inherent stresses on the Capacitors and on the Switchgear components.

Uncompensated reactive power leads to poor Power Factor. Voltage instability, flickering, high current consumption, increased Maximum Demand, high losses, low electric supply, loading capacity and overrating of switchgears & cables results in high wear and tear and high maintenance cost.


Jaivic Thyristorised Automatic Power Factor Correction System is a modern Powerful System constituting a Technological Breakthrough in the field of Power Factor Control.

Jaivic APFC Panel ready to connect, for the central compensation of reactive power in three-phase Supply Systems. For Steel Rolling Mills, Cement Plants, Engg. Industries, Commercial Buildings, Sugar Factories, Water Filtration Plants, Hospitals etc.

APFC Panel - Compact System:

  • Compact - Modular Design.
  • Powder coated CRCA Sheet wall cabinet.
  • Capacitors incased in cylindrical Aluminium can, dielectric consisting of MPP Film dry or oil type with discharge resistances.
  • Temperature control.
  • Highly loadable, low-losses, self-healing capacitors with overpressure protection.
  • Special reinforced contractors with special preceding contacts for lower in rush currents.

APFC Panel With Contactors:

  • Microprocessor based APFC Relay with Advanced Technology.
  • Best Quality of Switchgear used such as Contactors, Fuses, MCCB's confirming to the latest Indian and International Standards.
  • Monitor the load conditions by external CT continuously through control Relay.
  • Aesthetically designed Powder coated enclosure, Dust and Vermin proof.
  • Copper Bus-bar of suitable current carrying capacity with color code.
  • Wide variety of output steps.
  • High Quality connecting cables used for High Temperature withstand capacity.