JAIVIC is an Industry registered with the Directorate of Industries, Government of Maharashtra. under Registration No. is 11-16-03024-PMT-SSI dtd. 27th Jan., 1979. JAIVIC has a very modern Plant with up-to-date manufacturing and testing facilities. We also have well qualified and experienced Engineers who look after production and quality control. We exercise very rigid quality control through the process of manufacture. As far as the quality standards are concerned We can state with confidence that our products are amongst the best available in the country.

JAIVIC is on the approved lists of several Industries and Government Depts. and they are using our Capacitors regularly for improvement of Power Factor and they are getting incentives from the Electricity Boards and our Capacitors are reducing Contract Demand.

Our L.T./H.T. Capacitors,condensoros, A.P.F.C. Panel,APFA Relays are marketed by us under Brand name "JAIVIC"

We have also in past marketed our Products under the Brand name of reputed companies like Bajaj,Voltas,IGE,Khatua Junkar etc.

Advanced technologies guarantees the highest level in manufacturing and quality of modern standards

JAIVIC is accreddiated with latest ISO 9001:2015 and ISI mark as per IS 13340-IEC60831 & IS 13585-IEC60931